Ein Schwerpunktprogramm zum Thema “Robuste Kopplung kontinuumsbiomechanischer in silico Modelle für aktive biologische Systeme als Vorstufe klinischer Applikationen –Co-Design von Modellierung, Numerik und Nutzbarkeit”


Goubergrits, Leonid; Vellguth, Katharina; Obermeier, Lukas; Schlief, Adriano; Tautz, Lennart; Bruening, Jan; Lamecker, Hans; Szengel, Angelika; Nemchyna, Olena; Knosalla, Christoph; Kuehne, Titus; Solowjowa, Natalia

CT-Based Analysis of Left Ventricular Hemodynamics Using Statistical Shape Modeling and Computational Fluid Dynamics Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, iss. 9/2022, pp. 901902, 2022.

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Obermeier, Lukas; Vellguth, Katharina; Schlief, Adriano; Lennart Tautz,; Bruening, Jan; Knosalla, Christoph; Kuehne, Titus; Solowjowa, Natalia; Goubergrits, Leonid

CT-Based Simulation of Left Ventricular Hemodynamics: A Pilot Study in Mitral Regurgitation and Left Ventricle Aneurysm Patients Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, iss. 9/2022, 2022, ISSN: 2297-055X.

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Schmid, Laura; Klotz, Thomas; Yavuz, Utku; Maltenfort, Mitchell; Roehrle, Oliver

Spindle Model Responsive to Mixed Fusimotor Inputs: an updated version of the Maltenfort and Burke (2003) model Journal Article

In: Physiome, 2022.

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Klotz, Thomas; Gizzi, Leonardo; Röhrle, Oliver

Investigating the spatial resolution of EMG and MMG based on a systemic multi-scale model Miscellaneous

2022, (cite arxiv:2108.05046Comment: Preprint, Submitted to Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology).

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Hessenthaler, Andreas; Falgout, Robert D; Schroder, Jacob B; Vecchi, Adelaide; Nordsletten, David; Röhrle, Oliver

Time-periodic steady-state solution of fluid-structure interaction and cardiac flow problems through multigrid-reduction-in-time Journal Article

In: Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, vol. 389, pp. 114368, 2022.

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Bleiler, Christian; Castañeda, Pedro Ponte; Röhrle, Oliver

Tangent second-order homogenisation estimates for incompressible hyperelastic composites with fibrous microstructures and anisotropic phases Journal Article

In: Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, vol. 147, pp. 104251, 2021, ISSN: 0022-5096.

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Gizzi, Leonardo; Vujaklija, Ivan; Sartori, Massimo; Röhrle, Oliver; Severini, Giacomo

Editorial: Somatosensory Integration in Human Movement: Perspectives for Neuromechanics, Modelling and Rehabilitation Journal Article

In: vol. 9, 2021.

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Emamy, Nehzat; Litty, Pascal; Klotz, Thomas; Mehl, Miriam; Röhrle, Oliver

POD-DEIM Model Order Reduction for the Monodomain Reaction-Diffusion Sub-Model of the Neuro-Muscular System Journal Article

In: IUTAM Symposium on Model Order Reduction of Coupled Systems, Stuttgart, Germany, May 22--25, 2018, pp. 177–190, 2020.

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